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Institute of  Public Policies

The Institute of  Public Policies (IPP) was founded by a group of experts in the political situation in Palestine. The driving force behind the creation of this institute came from a need to create and offer public policy based on specialized research and scientific studies in Palestine.

With the absence of a public policy-making body in Palestine, IPP was launched to improve the making of the general policies in the public and private sectors and in all other political, economic and social sectors.

IPP assumes the role of policy-making for bettering the Palestinian community. It reaches out to decision makers, especially youth leaders, to help them gain objective knowledge and make positive and qualitative change. IPP is registered at the Ministry of the Interior as a non-profit organization under RA-22434.

A Palestinian organization that believes in pluralism and enlightenment, IPP works closely with Palestinian decision makers in public and private sectors, including non-governmental (non-profit) organizations, to search for proper solutions to the fundamental, sensitive and tough issues that face the people of Palestine.

The Institute of Public Policies (IPP) is a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to improve and support the making of public policy through high-quality scientific research and objective analysis. IPP serves the Palestinian population in general.


1. Support decision makers through research, studies and political papers that target different sectors and issues.
2. Present policy proposals regarding political, social and economic issues for relevant persons in the legislative and executive bodies.
3. Offer training and capacity-building programs in the field of public policy for relevant persons in the legislative and executive bodies.
4. Strengthen ties with relevant persons in the field of the public policy and political science.
5. Provide the community with scientific research in the field of public policy.
6. Conduct conferences, seminars and workshops in the field of the public policy at the service of society.

Activities and Programs of the Institute:

IPP focuses its efforts on the following programs and activities:

  • ''Seyasat'' Magazine
    A quarterly magazine devoted to Palestinian politics, IPP publishes articles, studies, interviews, roundtable discussions, and book reviews that highlight various aspects of Palestinian political life.

  • Reports on ''Performance Evaluation'' and ''Research Papers''
    IPP generates reports that give a performance assessment of issues that have priority in the political, economic, social, cultural and legal fields.


  • Seyasat papers
    IPP issues papers that deal with Palestinian political, social and economic matters and presents an "analytical vision" using position papers and alert papers.


  • Training and Capacity-building Programs
    IPP organizes and conducts programs and professional training courses aimed at developing the skills of target groups in the area of public policy.


  • Target Groups
    - Decision makers in the legislative and executive authorities
    - Political youth leaders
    - Academics, researchers, professionals, and interested persons
    - Civil society members


  • Members of the Board of Directors

    Mr. Mohammed Odeh Chairman of the Board
    Dr.Atef Abu Saif Vice Chairman of the Board
    Mr. Akram Hania Secretary
    Mr. Akram Musallam Treasurer
    Dr.Ahmad Musleh Member
    Dr.Samer Awad Member
    Dr.Abdullah Al Najar Member
    Ms.Inas Abu Shawesh Member
    Mr.Sa'ed Al-Gol Member

Contact Information:

Institute of  Public Policies (IPP)
Al-Masyoun-Ebn Kholdon Building, 1st Floor

Telefax: (970) 22959306
E-mail: info@ipp-pal.ps
Website: www.ipp-pal.ps