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Economic  Performance of the Tenth Palestinian Government

Dr. Ahmad Majdalany

  • Economic philosophy of the reformation and transformation bloc and its government
  • Assessment of the Palestinian economy
  • Sector by sector performance of the Palestinian economy
  • Job market and foreign funds granted to the PNO
  • Political Performance of the Tenth Palestinian Government

     Dr. Samer Awad

  • General goals of the government
  • Political and economic priorities of the government
  • Political atmosphere pre-elections
  • Hamas and Palestinian Liberation Organization
  • Reforms and procedures needed to achieve the best performance at the political level
  • Administrative Performance of the Tenth Palestinian Government

     Mr. Mahmoud Dodeen


  • Ministerial program, and the managerial and general policies
  • Patterns of former governments (sixth and ninth)
  • Competent authorities and shapers of the tenth government
  • Government agenda and improvements made at the managerial and organizational level
  • Relationship between government and foreign authorities
  • The Second Legislative Council: Missions and Achievements

     Mr. Ali Muhana

  • Goals and authorities of the Legislative Council
  • Current Legislative Council and its constrains, achievements and failures
  •  The performance of the 12th government:

    Dr.Ahmad Musleh


    Evaluates the performance of the 12th Palestinian government headed by Dr. Salam Fayad. The evaluation touches upon the government's performance in political, economic, financial, legislative and service fields. Dr. Abu Daya uses different indicators to judge the governmental performance. These indicators include the declared goals of the government, its strategies to achieves those goals in addition to actual achievement.
    Evaluation of the performance of the NGOs in Palestine

    Ms. Sana Abu Azezeh

    Reviews the performance of the non governmental organizations in Palestine in order to reach specific recommendations that help in directing and creating a healthy NGOs' sector in the country. The paper starts by reviewing the context of civil society in Palestine (its history and achievement), and the Palestinian Law on charitable organizations. Then the paper discusses the concept of good governance in the administration of NGOs sector and its application in the Palestinian context. The paper concludes by drawing indicators for good governance in Palestinian NGOs
    Housing Sector in Jerusalem between reality and possible opportunities

    Dr. Nazmi Al-Juobeh

    Explores the reality of the housing sector in the city of Jerusalem since 1967 until now. Dr. Jubai review the growth in number of the housing units in comparison to the growth in the population in the city. In addition to that, he reviews a group of other issues relevant to his subject which include Israeli policies in the holy city which aims at limiting the Palestinian existence in the city, housing problems in the city, lack of national income investment, individual initiatives, communal housing, shortage of land specified to new housing, lending, the peculiarity if the old town. Dr. Jouba then concludes with framing a proposal for a national plan in regard to the housing in the holy city.